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On February 8, 2008,  a team consisted of eleven people (i.e. Aditya DL, Fajar A, Ersta, Ito, Zudi, Yuda, Aryo, Kris, Bagas and Dita, and Anton) gathered at Jombor bus station in Yogyakarta. They were about to participate in a tour which tracked down the inactive Yogyakarta-Parakan line. The tour was arranged by IRPS Yogyakarta.

the wood car near the ex Magelang station

While the team was on the way to Sleman, all eyes were focusing to the left side of the road, trying to locate remains of rail tracks. The team made a brief stop at a police station, which used to be a station.

ex Medari station

Soon after entering Sleman, the team diverted from the main road to Gunung Merapi Street. It used to be a railroad, considering the curve of the street which was typical of a railroad. After passing an underpass, the team stopped to inspect an Alkmaar mechanic home-signal. It still stood firmly. Not far from it was a former station which had become a military base. The team was allowed to take pictures of the station after requesting permission. There were remains of a signal control  at the north-east side of the building, functioning as a remembrance. It was originally located in the train dispatcher room.

ex Mertoyudan station

The team continued the journey to a bridge over the Bedog River. It was a through truss bridge. The team continued the journey to former Sleman shelter. On it was a pyramid-shape monument. Sleman Sembada was written on the monument. The team went into an a passageway then crossed a river through a former rail bridge. There was a yard and there were a station and a storehouse.

ex Tempel station

Former Tempel Station was not far from a market. The station had become a kindergarten, nevertheless there were the writing of  “Pemimpin Perdjalanan KA” (train dispatcher) on the wall, a storehouse, and a water tower. Remains of rails and switches near the storehouse were still visible. Krasak Bridge, which was over Krasak River, lost one of its spans due to lava flood. Therefore, trains from Yogyakarta were only able to reach Tempel Station and unable to continue to Magelang.

ex blabak station

In Magelang, Central Java, the first target to locate was former Tegalsari Station. It had become a food stall which sold soto (spicy soup). Then, the team went to a rail bridge over Pabelan River. It was a deck truss bridge. The local villagers used it to cross the river. The interesting fact of it was its trapezoid-shape structure. The shape made the bridge unique.

ex Tegalsari station

The tour continued to former Blabak Station. It had become a food stall and a place to sell cell phone credits, yet the station location was clearly visible. The station used to have three rail tracks. The emplacement had transformed into a market and a station for local shared-taxis.

from left: Zudi, Ito, Aryo, Aditya Dwi L, Fajar A, Leo K, Anton and Ersta

Former Mertoyudan Station was painted in blue for it used to be an office or storehouse for PDAM. Not far from the station, a home signal was clearly visible. The next station was the former Kebon Polo Station. On the station was a pale green CR car. The logo of Wahana Daya Pertiwi was still intact.

ex Magelang station

While on the way to Secang Station, at Payaman, the team saw a rail track that went through a house’s roof. According to Aditya, actually there was a station in Payaman, but the team were unable to locate it. At 5 p.m., as the rain started falling, the team arrived at former Secang Station. It had at least five tracks. It had become a base for Legiun Veteran Republik Indonesia. In front of it was a military base. The team met a local villager who told of the trains operations in the station in the past. He also said that the local villagers thought the team was conducting a survey to reopen the line. They were afraid to be removed from the site.

ex Secang station

At 6.15 p.m. the team arrived at former Temanggung Station. It had become a local government office. Finally the team arrived at former Parakan Station at 7 p.m. The station was used by property and advertisement subdivision of property section 6 Yogyakarta.

ex Temanggung station

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