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One of IRPS programs in 2008 was visiting Pabrik Gula (Sugar Mill) Tasikmadu. It was held on May 24, 2008, and coordinated by IRPS Yogyakarta. Its participants were Fajar, Bagas, Yudha, Asep, Pura, Aryo, Tantra and a friend, Dhanur, Dimas, Ian, Rizky, Kris, Gema, Ner, Sampurno, Willy and family, Ito, Luki, Setyo, Intrias, Dhana, Gupito, Arga, Tri, Agung, NK Arifin, Adit Schu, Indra Imoet and Steven Ali.




PG Tasikmadu was located in Karanganyar, Central Java. Not only was it known for its core business, but also its side business, the Agrowisata Sondokoro, in which narrow-gauge (750 mm) steam and diesel locomotives are used as tourist attractions. At a maximum cost of Rp 5.000 per ride per person, one can enjoy riding wagons hauled by either steam or diesel locomotives around the sugar mill for about 20 minutes. There were two locomotives used for the joyride: diesel-powered Orenstein-Koppel und Lübecker Maschinenbau-built TM.D.V and steam-powered Orenstein & Koppel-Arthur Koppel-built TM I. TM.D.V was built in 1980s, whereas TM I in 1920s. TM I was shipped from Berlin, Germany, to Semarang via Surabaya.



The biggest steam-powered locomotive still in use in PG Tasikmadu was TM VI. It was built by Orenstein & Koppel. It was shipped from Berlin to Surabaya via Amsterdam, Netherland.


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