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On March 20 at 07:30AM on platform 3 in Kalibaru Station, East Java, stood a lori (speeder/railway motor car) which would take IRPS team to Garahan Station. Actually the intended route was Kalibaru-Garahan-Kalisat Bondowoso. Since the rail tracks on the Kalisat-Bondowoso line lost many of their rail spikes and soleplates, the route was shortened from Kalibaru to Garahan. The lori departed at 07.40AM and arrived at Garahan Station several minutes later. At Garahan Station, the team continued the tour to Kalisat Station by the 09.50 economic-class Pandanwangi from Banyuwangi.

Mrawan Tunnel

Kalisat station

After arriving at Kalisat, the team continued the tour to former Bondowoso Station (+253 m). According to a ticket seller in the station, although the station was inactive, its monthly revenue was Rp 6 million-Rp 7 million from ticket selling. At least 75% tickets sold was executive-class train tickets to Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta.

Bondowoso station

The team also visited former Situbondo and Panarukan Stations. There were a scale and a GR helper van in Situbondo Station. The station also had a branch line to Panji. The Panarukan Station was 3 metres above sea level. It still had two lines and a signal box. Then the team returned to Jember.

‘Maut’ car at Situbondo

Situbondo station

locomotive 01 at panarukan

panarukan station

The next day, the team met the staff of Indonesian State Railway (PT Kereta Api)-Jember Operational Area in Jember Station. The team proposed a feeder train which served the Kalisat-Bondowoso line for many residents of Bondowoso still travelled by train to Surabaya, Jakarta and Bandung. the Indonesian State Railway (PT Kereta Api)-Jember Operational Area accepted the proposal and would consider it. Then, accompanied by one of the staff, the team went to the locomotive depot.

The depot stored diesel-hydraulic locomotives (of BB class). It also had a turntable. The rail tracks that connected the turntable and the depot was of R-25 type and had already lost some rail spikes. The team was also given the experience of turning BB303 01 locomotive on the turntable.

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