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Lutfi Tjahjadi of East Java branch of IRPS was assigned to accompany staff of PT kereta Api (KA) in delivering CC200 08 and CC201 25 from Cirebon locomotive depot in West Java to Yogyakarta Workshop Pengok in Yogyakarta on August 22, 2007.  


CC200 08 at Cirebon station 

CC201 25 was also sent to BY Pengok to be maintained due to its low tractive effort. The staff of PT KA who would deliver the special trainset were Ukardi, a senior engineer and an instructor of Cirebon locomotive depot, and Jojo. At 05:30 AM CC201 25’s engine was started, and 20 minutes later the trainset got out of the depot to platform 6 of Cirebon Station. At 06:15 AM, the starting signal of platform 6 showed green aspect, then the trainset gradually sped up eastward. It was the final run for CC200 08.  


CC200 08 at Ciledug station


CC200 08 at Prupuk station


CC200 08 at Karang Gandul station


CC200 08 at Ijo station


CC200 08 at Lempuyangan station 

 The journey felt so slow for the trainset finally reached Lempuyangan Station in Yogyakarta at 03:20 PM. Three members of Yogyakarta branch of IRPS, i.e Fajar, Ugik, and another person, had been waiting. They went aboard the trainset and it continued its journey to BY Pengok. In the workshop, CC200 08 finally was decoupled from CC201 25.


CC200 08 arrive at Yogyakarta Workshop


Lutfi Tjahjadi (left) say good bye to CC200 08


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