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On November 14, 2008, at least 26 members of IRPS from Jakarta, Bandung, Pekalongan, Yogyakarta, Madiun, Malang, and Surabaya were in Surabaya to visit Balai Yasa (Workshop) Surabaya Gubeng and Sidotopo locomotive depot.


 They were greeted by staff of PT Kereta Api Daerah Operasi (Operation Region) 8, i.e Chief of Finance Department Surabaya Gubeng workshop Titik, Chief Of Public Relations Sugeng Priyono, Chief of Surabaya Gubeng Workshop Djoko Hardijanto, Chief of Planning Sectin Suryanto and UKP Rame.


 In this occasion, Chairman of IRPS presented the history and missions of IRPS, whereas Djoko Hardijanto presented the history and the condition of Gubeng workshop. Djoko also told the team about CC200 15 which was in Surabaya after being moved from Cirebon, West Java, and the NRU wagon which was moved from Manggarai, Jakarta.  After exchanging souvenirs, Djoko lead the team to CC200 15 which was coupled to Djoko Kendil (IW 38212, then K3 38201/CR 5309) and IW 38221. The IW 38212 had wooden interior. There were a flat-screen television, a desk and a chair made of teak wood, a minibar and an electric generator. IW 38221 also had wooden interior and luxurious seats. Then Djoko handed off three models of a CC203 class locomotive, an executive passenger car and a tank car in Pertamina livery.


 Then the team went to Sidotopo depot. They were greeted by Sugeng Priyono, Chief of Planning Section Djunaedy and Administration Section Hadi Sutantyo. Djunaedy presented the conditions of the depot and problems the staff of the depot were facing. After the discussion, the team went to the car depot. Chief of Sidotopo Depot Sugeng Sutijoso and a member of his staff had been waiting for the team. In the depot, the team encountered former Cakraningrat car. 


On November 15, 2008, the Surabaya-Malang-Blitar-Kertosono-Surabaya tour began. The IRPS team, consisted of 12 people, boarded the 7:50 AM Penataran Ikon in Surabaya Gubeng Station. They were accompanied by Djoko Hardijanto. The train arrived at Malang Station at 10:45 AM. Only some members of the team continued the journey to Blitar, then to Kertosono and finally to Surabaya.



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